3 Lousy Limericks (with explanations)



There once were three siblings from Jersey
Who decided one day to confer-sy
Though the rule was instilled
“Two plain for one filled”
With oatmeal raisin, no one was sure-sy.

My father’s two siblings came for lunch yesterday. At one point, I heard my uncle mention the family rule, “Two plain for one filled,” a reference to a rule my grandmother, their mother, had used for cookies. It’s family lore.

My cousin Jen hiked the Camino
Which was longer than hiking to Reno —
Nearly 800K
In 30-some days —
No small feat, if you know what I mean-o.

My cousin came along, bringing lunch for all. I was excited to hear about her trek in Spain, a pilgrimage to Santiago. I may have the distances all wrong, though. I thought she said that they hiked about 500 km, but it looks like the Camino de Santiago is 500 miles. And rhyming with Camino? I had to pull in Reno, which was about 400 km from where she lives.  I know — it’s a pretty bad limerick about a pretty amazing journey.

There once was a mother-wife-daughter
Just trying to do what she ought-er
She was pretty darn tired
And quite uninspired —
A limerick-writer was not her.

Yep, that’s me. I thought writing limericks would be easy. They’re supposed to be funny. I’m not feeling terribly funny though.


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