Circle of Life — a Roundel

My grandfather and my brother

My grandfather and my brother

This circle, it has no end —
No beginning, no middle, a writhe,
A struggle around every bend
In this circle of life

In his youth, a man takes a wife
A lover, companion and friend
New life is added to life

Family – a divine dividend –
From investments of laughter and strife
And a Strength we can’t apprehend
In this circle of life


A Roundel is a three stanza poem in which the last line in first stanza is repeated as the last line in the third stanza. I followed the rhyme scheme used for the roundel in “A Kick in the Head” — abab bab abab

I knew almost immediately that I wanted to write my roundel about the circle of life — it just seemed appropriate.

But I’m in the midst of the struggle of the circle, pulled between generations.

I know that it sounds bleak — the poem, I mean — but I want my children to understand that life isn’t meant to be easy. There are hard things that will come their way, through no fault of theirs.

But there are also wonderful things — the laughter, the camaraderie, the faith in Someone bigger.

And we are constantly in the process of both taking the baton and passing it to the next generation.


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