3-3-5 — a Double Dactyl


First baseman Zimmerman
Caught the drive, stepped on first —
Got two men out!

Now for the triple play —
Chance to make history —
3-3-5 rout



I’ve watched this video so many times. It almost makes me love baseball.

The serendipity of this play.

It’s better than watching David Ortiz hit yet another homer in his last season.

This play — this moment — a perfect storm of conditions — bases loaded — the line drive — the catch — and the rest is history.

The whole thing is poetic.

And today was double-dactyl day.

I had to look up what a dactyl was (a 3 syllable word with the first syllable stressed and the other two not) to even begin trying to write this poem.

A double dactyl poem has way too many rules.

  • a single sentence (didn’t accomplish that)
  • two quatrains (check)
  • two dactyls in most lines (sort of check)
  • first line nonsense words (sort of check)
  • 6th or 7th line a one word double-dactyl (check)

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