Maybe – an Acrostic poem


Many the choices we face each day
Am I doing the right thing?
You may have chosen differently, but, hey —
Because who knows what tomorrow will bring?
Each decision weighed: the yay, the nay.


Tomorrow my father goes in for surgery.

Here’s what he did yesterday:IMG_0038

It may not look like much, but he got up and walked out of the house with his walker.

My daughter alerted me — “Grampa’s on the move!”

I watched to see what he would do. He picked his way around the yard, abandoning the walker once and again, dragging it behind him part of the time.  Of course, this worried me because one of the problems with NPH (normal pressure hydrocephalus) is poor balance or unsteady gait. He really needs the stability of the walker.

Then he started up a little hill that is planted with myrtle. When he grabbed hold of the post with the birdhouse, I went out to check on him.

“Oh, I was just seeing if this post was firmly in the ground,” he said.

Yeah. Right.

Muddled thinking is a second symptom of NPH.

Tomorrow he is getting a shunt in his brain to relieve the pressure. Two out three doctors heartily recommended the procedure, and they are the ones I know and trust most.

The third gave lukewarm approval.

So I worry — as is my won’t — and wonder if it was the right decision.

Time will tell.


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