Post-Surgical Persona Poem


What’s my name?
Yes, I know.
(First name, last name)
There you go.

Where am I?
Why, I’m in jail.
Not correct?
Oh, what the hell.

Who is that?
That’s my daughter.
And that’s my son.
I am their father.

Why am I here?
Hmm… let me see…
Sally? Peter?
Can you help me?

What’s that you say?
Am I in any pain?
No, not at all –
Just a hole in my brain…

Can I go home?
Can I get out?
I can’t? Why not?
(a mini pout)


My father had surgery and has been a little confused.  I’ve heard the hospital people ask him these questions over and over.

A persona poem is written from the point of view of another person, in this case, from my father’s post-surgical viewpoint.


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