To the Time Beetle


Remember when
you perched upon
the back of Donna Noble
and she made
the wrong decision
to turn right?

You creeped me out
– you really did –
with your mandible-clacking
scritchedy-scratchedy noise

And – Time Beetle, please go away – ha-ha

Time Beetle, please go away — ho ho he he ha ha

To another world
where Daleks play,
their universe changed to a
happy smiley
so emotional place
— ha ha

You changed the world
(or so it seemed)
I guess it was
an alternate
created by you
just to make things worse —

Well —
Why must that be?
Why not improve?
Why not make better
the dark and ugly
awful depressing
oppressive distressing
repressive parts
of the world
that we are in?

And – Time Beetle, please go away – ha-ha

Time Beetle, please go away — ho ho he he ha ha

To another world
where Cybermen
smile and laugh
and help and play
creative and happy
full of infectious joy
— ha ha


(Yes — I listened to “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-haa!” one too many times when I was a kid.)

Yesterday, we took my father to Popp Butterfly Conservatory.IMG_0086

The woman who runs it is wonderful, spending time with visitors and encouraging interaction with the “exhibit.” She got out this creature which I think she said was some sort of mantis nymph and took it to all the visitors at the facility for photo opportunities. When she placed it on my father’s shoulder, all I could think about was the Time Beetle in Doctor Who.

Maybe it has to do with second-guessing myself all the time.

Was it the right decision to have the shunt placed?

But then, what about all the decisions we make in our youth and young adulthood and on up? Which ones were right and which were wrong?

We make our decisions and move ahead because there is no Time Beetle and no way to go back to see if we should have turned right instead of left.


I’m counting this as my “Poem of Address”


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