Eulogy for an Abandoned Blog


You are alone, my lovely
Yes, I abandoned you
I who gave you life
Now witness your death too
You walked with me through dark times
Caught my thoughts and fears
I opened up my heart to you
Gave you laughter and some tears
But wicked people use you now
To taunt and to deride
I’m weary from the battle
And I no longer can confide
In you, dear blog, dear friend
So I will let you rest in peace
Happily I’ll remember you
But my postings now will cease


IMG_0111 (1)This is my eulogy for a blog that I had to abandon because of a troll.


16 thoughts on “Eulogy for an Abandoned Blog

    • Yes, I have blocked him from commenting, but that doesn’t block him from reading my posts. Blocking only causes his comments to go immediately in the trash.
      Because he has made threats against me, I check the trash to see if it contains another threat. I want my family to be safe.
      Plus, writing under those conditions is like writing in a repressive 3rd world country where every word may be scrutinized and used against you.
      In the end, I just decided to start a new blog without my last name attached.

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    • Hmm… how to explain a troll.
      A troll is someone is who leaves unkind ugly comments on someone’s blog or other social media.
      I tried responding. I tried not responding. I tried blocking. I’ve contacted the police three times. I’ve talked to a lawyer.
      The bottom line was that I wanted to write without worrying about this person responding in unkind ways.
      My blog is really nothing special, just an outlet for me.
      Don’t be sad. I’m fine.

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      • Happy to hear you are fine; sad to know the world has some very evil people. Why do people allow evil to grip them? We are meant to love and be kind to one another. Why would one make life hard for another they have never met or even another they know? My conclusion is we pray for such people. They badly need prayers for a conversion. Thank you for sharing this!

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