How to Play a Blade of Grass


Among the tricks every person should know:


Sandwich grass tightly twixt thumbs and blow


7 thoughts on “How to Play a Blade of Grass

  1. Haha, classic “Stupid Human Tricks” as my uncle would call them. I’ve passed a lot of time learning some stupid human tricks. When I was in elementary school I learn how to make flatulent noises with just my hands, and I learn how to sustain certain notes; so, that I could play a song that I saw on a commercial.

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      • Well, I still have my trick to pull out at those gatherings when things are getting dull and people thing they have me all figured out; then, I can hit them with that… And they will say, “Wow! I never knew that about you. You never told me you could play a song out of flatulent noises with your hands”

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