Swimming Pool


They’re adding onto our gym
A new 8 lane pool where we’ll swim
Until it is done
We’ll try to have fun
But dry swimming seems kind of grim


Mere minutes, it seems, after our swim season ended in the spring, construction began on the new pool. They drained the old pool, broke through the outside wall, and set to work.

The plan was to be done by mid-October.

Has there ever in the history of construction projects been one that has been completed on schedule?

Surprise, surprise — this project is running behind – and swim season is upon us.

At the coaching clinic that I attended this past weekend, my biggest question was how to run a swim team without a pool. In rural areas, pools can be sadly lacking.

At best, our kids will be traveling at least half an hour to a pool for practice.

At worst, it will be a mostly dryland-training swim season.

I’m going to look at it as a season of opportunity to work on other areas, like flexibility, team bonding, and making good choices.



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