I realized the stories were true
The apples this year were quite few
So I picked what I found
(Taking none off the ground)
And brought them to Nashville for you

I’m making my annual pilgrimage to Nashville.

Another year when I came, I brought apples to the family who so graciously hosts me.

This year, they mentioned how much they liked apples so I asked what varieties they like.

“Empire and Gala,” she said.

“Easy,” I thought.

Not so much.

The crazy weather this spring — a frost after the trees had blossomed — did in the apple crop. We walked up and down rows marked Gala and Empire without seeing a single apple.

img_0598Finally I found this lone Empire apple roughly the size of a plum. I felt almost guilty picking it. The last, the first, the only Empire apple in the orchard.

But I picked it.

And I picked a few other varieties: Blondies (that look and taste remarkably like Yellow Delicious), Cortlands, Macintosh. I think we even grabbed a few Jona-golds.

I hope it’s okay.

I have the single, singular Empire apple, too.

I hope it’s good.


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