Ancient History


limerick-line-3 limerick-line-4

A little bit of ancient history with my parents (and the limerick written out so you can read it)

There once was a guy in the army

Yep, my father was in the army. I was born on a military base.

Who, long before he bought this old farm, he

My parents literally bought the farm when he got out. Thankfully, it wasn’t the metaphorical buying of a farm.

He traveled the world

Our family was stationed overseas which allowed for some great adventures in several countries —

With that one special girl

My parents enjoyed their postings all the more because they were together.

And thankfully never came to harm-y.

My apologies for the cheesy rhyme. The love for travel never left my mother. The last photograph was from the last trip they took together — in 2008 to Greece and Macedonia.

I began with ancient history (of my parents) and ended with ancient history (of the world) behind them. I love bookends.

The Discover Challenge prompt was Mixing Media, hence the photographs with text on them. I promise not to do that again.




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