Smoke and Fire


dads-camera-320There once was a man who was a liar
Who yelled, “Help! My house is on fire!”
“I don’t see smoke,”
Firemen told the poor bloke —
And the flames rose higher and higher.

dads-camera-311Okay, for the record, this didn’t happen.

Well, obviously the fire happened.

But the people in the house weren’t liars — and the firefighters responded quickly and try to save the house but it was too far gone.

dads-camera-323And there was smoke.

Although in that picture it may be vapor/steam. The night was bitterly cold and they sprayed lots of water on a very hot fire.

Sometimes, when I write these goofy limericks, I make things up.

To rhyme.

And to satisfy the Daily Prompt.

I also don’t know a steer named Tiny.


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