Two Birds


Precarious perch
Gently swaying in the wind
Two birds on a wire

img_0764A few weeks ago, a friend sent me a gift, a ring with two little birds on it. It reminded me of birds sitting together on a telephone wire, sometimes enjoying the sunshine, sometimes huddling together in the rain.

I held the ring in my hand and slipped it on my finger. It fit perfectly.

Alas, I’m not a ring-wearer.

Not even my wedding ring.

Not even the beautiful diamond ring my husband gave me after 20 years of marriage with a tiny diamond for each of our children on either side of the solitaire.

I took the bird ring off my finger and slid it onto a chain. I wanted to feel my friend close to my heart.

But I have another necklace that I always wear, with the names of all my children stamped on a silver disk.

Yes, my children belong next to my heart, because they live so deeply in it.

So my bird ring — so, so precious, because it was given with such love — sits in a dish beside my bed.

I see it and think of my friend.

And picture us huddling together in the storm.

Or basking in the sunshine.


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