Birthday Party


Magical sixth birthday
Homemade birthday cake
A bunny with a bow-tie
Sometimes that’s all it takesmvc-001s

Add in a magician
Okay – it’s just Grandpamvc-004s-2
Magic hoops – amazing!
Little boys in awemvc-003s-2

Next the family mythos
From Mr. Science (Uncle Pete)mvc-005s-2
Elephant toothpaste story
Chemical reaction — neat!mvc-006s-2 mvc-007s-2 mvc-010s-2

Oh, how fun to look back
On birthday party times —
And make up goofy poems
With goofy little rhymes.

My brother does science demonstrations in schools, and one year, for a nephew’s party, he came to the house and did his most popular demonstration — elephant toothpaste.

He told an elaborate (and untrue) story about living in Africa (that part was true) and going out to brush the elephants tusks (that part wasn’t). Almost totally mythical.

To little boys, the mythos was just fun, and the chemical reaction amazing.



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