In Everything Give Thanks


So your person wasn’t elected
Give thanks
And your name wasn’t selected
Give thanks
Maybe you’re feeling rejected
Give thanks
For thankfulness soothes the hardest ache

So you’ve been accused of wrong
Give thanks
And you’re feeling so un-strong
Give thanks
Seems there’s nowhere you belong
Give thanks
For thankfulness is never a mistake

When your life is scorched and charred
Give thanks
When your finest work is marred
Give thanks
Unblemished now is scarred
Give thanks
For thankfulness a grateful person makesimg_0040

2016 November PAD Challenge for today is “to pick a popular saying and make it the title of your poem.

I am SO TIRED of the bickering on Facebook. People on both sides of the election results seem to be looking for ways to antagonize the other.

Can we please stop being offended and start working together?

I’m thankful for the election (even though I may not feel it at the moment).

I’m thankful I live in this country (even though Canada is awfully beautiful).

I’m thankful for the other crap in my life because I knows it is shaping me (I hope) for the better.

And I apologize in advance for such a cheesy poem.

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