Mealtime Grace


In the chaos of this day
Preparation of too much food
Let me pause, Lord, now and say,
I know that You are good

You bless us with such plenty
You are so very great
I’ll probably put on twenty (pounds)
As I fill (and eat) this plate

I never have been wanting
My gratitude is weak
So sometimes it is daunting
Of  thankfulness to speak

But for this food I thank You
And the abundance of this day
For the richness of my life, too —
Thank you, God, I pray.


Thanksgiving 1970-ish

When I was younger, we had one grace that we said before nearly every meal — before my cousin introduced us to “Yum, yum, yum. Thanks for the grub. Yay, God.” The grace we said — and it was said pretty much exactly like this — was, “GodisgreatGodisgoodLetusthankHimforourfood. Amen.”

The faster said, the better — so we could dig in.

I confess — I didn’t think about the words.

But today, I AM thankful.

I guess I’m growing up.


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