What, then, is God?

As regards the universe, He is the final end;
in respect of election, He is salvation;
as regards Himself, He is self-knowledge.

What is God?

He is almighty will moved by loving-kindness,
eternal light,
incommunicable reason,
highest blessedness;

He is the creator of minds to enjoy Himself;

He endows them with life to perceive Him,
disposes them to long for Him,
enlarges them to receive Him,
justifies them to be worthy of Him,
fires them with zeal,
fertilizes them that they may bear fruit,
guides them into sweet reasonableness,
moulds them to loving-kindness,
regulates them for wisdom,
strengthens them for virtue,
visits them for consolation,
illuminates them for knowledge,
preserves them for immortality,
fills them for happiness,
is about their path for safety.

St. Bernard: On Consideration

Panoply: A splendid display.

Is there anything more splendid than God?


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