Can I be honest here? I’m not a real poet. I’m a mom.

And really — what is a poem?

I write
A sentence and
Stretch it out vertically
With weird spacing
Is that

I don’t know.
I kind of don’t think so.
But this past summer I picked up a book at a thrift store called “A Kick in the Head: An Everyday Guide to Poetic Forms” selected by Paul Janeczko. I decided to play around with the poetic forms found there. Those became my first 29 posts.IMG_9918
I called my next group of poems “Cou-PIC-let”s — a couplet with a picture sandwiched between the two lines. Most are cheesy and dumb. I don’t recommend them.
October became Limerick-tober and I wrote a limerick a day.
Now the whole thing is just a free-for-all.