Re: A Near-Dead Poem


I really feel
Like my poetry
Has died

At least
For a while
But I can say
I tried

Truth is
I left it gasping
— my poor poem —
in the dirt.

I knew it was in trouble
I knew that it was hurt

“Git up”
I snarled meanly
And kicked it with my toe
When it didn’t move
I just turned to go
And leave it metaphorically
Lying the ground
But I covered it with corny rhymes
Hoping to ease the wound

Maybe it will recover
Miracles do happen
Time-rest-space may cure it
Meantime, I’ll stop my yappin’


Vocabulary Lesson


A feckless person lacks in feck
A feckful person has it
You’re probably wondering, What the heck
Is feck? And would I jazz or spaz it?

Well, feck comes from the word “effect”
If you’re feckful you have vigor —
But a feckless person should be checked
They might have mortis rigor



img_0707It’s not this time of year without
The stress and the anxiety;
Hoping that it all turns out.
Okay — Sometimes I doubt
With all the pressures of society —

It’s not this time of year without
Snow and seeing white about –
The gentle flakes fall quietly.
Hoping that it all turns out —
Shoveling and children shout;
Snowballs lack propriety.

It’s not this time of year without
The baby Jesus — I’m devout —
His nativity, this piety —
Hoping that it all turns out.
God came to earth without a shout,
No fame. No notoriety –
It’s not this time of year without
Hoping that it all turns out.img_5433

Every year I worry that this will be the year that I get so busy with the nonsense that I will forget to take time to really ponder the significance of Christ’s coming.

This year I’m reading Watch for the Light: Readings for Advent and Christmas put out by Plough Publishing House. The readings started on November 24 and have been amazing.

When Morning Gilds the Skies



When morning gilds the skies
(I know this sounds cliche)
I watch in rapt surprise

In varying disguise
The sun comes out to play
When morning gilds the skies

I hope for a reprise
As pink bursts forth from gray
I watch in rapt surprise

Such wonder in sunrise
I never feel dismay
When morning gilds the skies

The colors that comprise
The beauty on display —
I watch in rapt surprise

Anticipating day
Already underway
I watch in rapt surprise
When morning gilds the skies



pict0800-1Between nearly every childdads-camera-237
And his(her) parent
There is a gap
Between who (s)he is
And parental dreams

Let me whisper in your ear,
Dear parent —
Lean in
Embrace your child

(s)He may not be an Olympic athletedads-camera-912
But (s)he may love the joy
Of scoring a goal
Or winning a race
And seeing your face
As you revel in his(her) accomplishment
However small
Or large

Be there

When (s)he fails
And loses
And strikes out
At the most inopportune time

Tell him(her)
You love him(her)
And that you are so blessed
To be his(her) parent

Because you are

In Everything Give Thanks


So your person wasn’t elected
Give thanks
And your name wasn’t selected
Give thanks
Maybe you’re feeling rejected
Give thanks
For thankfulness soothes the hardest ache

So you’ve been accused of wrong
Give thanks
And you’re feeling so un-strong
Give thanks
Seems there’s nowhere you belong
Give thanks
For thankfulness is never a mistake

When your life is scorched and charred
Give thanks
When your finest work is marred
Give thanks
Unblemished now is scarred
Give thanks
For thankfulness a grateful person makesimg_0040

2016 November PAD Challenge for today is “to pick a popular saying and make it the title of your poem.

I am SO TIRED of the bickering on Facebook. People on both sides of the election results seem to be looking for ways to antagonize the other.

Can we please stop being offended and start working together?

I’m thankful for the election (even though I may not feel it at the moment).

I’m thankful I live in this country (even though Canada is awfully beautiful).

I’m thankful for the other crap in my life because I knows it is shaping me (I hope) for the better.

And I apologize in advance for such a cheesy poem.

Birthday Party


Magical sixth birthday
Homemade birthday cake
A bunny with a bow-tie
Sometimes that’s all it takesmvc-001s

Add in a magician
Okay – it’s just Grandpamvc-004s-2
Magic hoops – amazing!
Little boys in awemvc-003s-2

Next the family mythos
From Mr. Science (Uncle Pete)mvc-005s-2
Elephant toothpaste story
Chemical reaction — neat!mvc-006s-2 mvc-007s-2 mvc-010s-2

Oh, how fun to look back
On birthday party times —
And make up goofy poems
With goofy little rhymes.

My brother does science demonstrations in schools, and one year, for a nephew’s party, he came to the house and did his most popular demonstration — elephant toothpaste.

He told an elaborate (and untrue) story about living in Africa (that part was true) and going out to brush the elephants tusks (that part wasn’t). Almost totally mythical.

To little boys, the mythos was just fun, and the chemical reaction amazing.