The Injured Butterfly


An evening walk — a momentary linger


Fragility climbed up on my finger

I saw this little beauty in the middle of the road while walking home one evening.  Poor thing was injured, but readily accepted a lift to the meadow.

Fluff and Down


Amid late summer death of fluff and downIMG_0375

Lies great beauty for those who look around


This little patch of thistle and cattail has become one of my favorite spots along my evening walk.

In the spring, muck and mud surrounded the cattails.

In the summer, the thistles, armed and ready for attack, were so lovely with their purple crowns.

Now the field behind them is mowed. The hay lies in neat rows. Further behind the corn waits for the Harvester. The cattails release their fluff and the thistles send their fairy seeds wherever the wind will take them.

A spider set up residence there and its poor web is filled with fluff and down, suspending it all mid-flight. I wonder if it will serve as camouflage for unsuspecting insects.

Such beauty in the most unlikely places — thistles and spiders.