My Rational Fear


sleeping peacefully
on my chair
danger lurks in blackness
— ticks

I know this is temporary. Tick season will end and I’ll stop rationally (or irrationally) imagining ticks crawling up my leg or walking across the back of my neck all the time.

Until then, because I know that the little black buggers hitch rides on my cat, I won’t sit in my chair while she sleeps across the chair back.

Working my way through A Kick in the Head. Today’s poetic form is the Cinquain. I chose to construct my 5 line poem like this: one word, two words, three words, four words, one word

How I Spent My Sunday Morning — 3 Cinquains


A Cinquain is a 5-line poem that can follow several different patterns. Here are three using different formulas.

Guess how I spent my Sunday morning?


Cinquain #1: One word, two words, three words, four words, one word —

[Closed door]
Are you hurt?
Can you stand up?



Cinquain #2: 2 syllables, 4 syllables, 6 syllables, 8 syllables, 2 syllables —

A fall
On the tiled floor
Bathrooms are dangerous
Spiders are nothing to finding
Man down


Cinquain #3: noun, two adjectives, three -ing words, a phrase, another word for the noun —

Stable, unstable
Standing, moving, falling
(the perils of) Newton’s Law of Gravity