Family History


Priscilla was the oldest, she died at 82
Guilford died much younger, the uncle I never knew
Warren lived ’til 90, the last surviving son
But when my mother passed away, then there were none

To try to get back to writing poetry, I’m doing a second round with “A Kick in the Head” — a book I picked up at a thrift store that gave examples of 29 different poetic forms.

Today’s poem is a quatrain.



A full house on Christmas

A full house on Christmas

Sometimes I look at pictures from a house I loved a lot
And I can’t describe the feelings in my heart
Is it bitter? Is it tart? Is it savory or sweet?
Flavor words simply can’t impart

The longings for the memories made within those walls —
Like bringing a new baby through the door,
Or outside swinging on the swings or jumping in the leaves
Or treasure hunts and dragons — so much more

Dress-up clothes, homemade blocks, Lego, Playmobile
The gizmo in the basement tumbling rocks,
The “cold” room turned into a pretend grocery store
And driveway drawings done with colored chalks

I look at all the pictures of all the happy times
And the day we packed the boxes up and out
It’s been well over 10 years and my heart still feels the ache
Because HOME is really what it’s all about

But family’s not a building — it is people like the church
And though we have moved on from Brooklyn Ave
Sometimes it’s nice to look back on all the fun we had
And then look forward for the fun we’re still to have

An emptying house before moving

An emptying house before moving

Ancient History


limerick-line-3 limerick-line-4

A little bit of ancient history with my parents (and the limerick written out so you can read it)

There once was a guy in the army

Yep, my father was in the army. I was born on a military base.

Who, long before he bought this old farm, he

My parents literally bought the farm when he got out. Thankfully, it wasn’t the metaphorical buying of a farm.

He traveled the world

Our family was stationed overseas which allowed for some great adventures in several countries —

With that one special girl

My parents enjoyed their postings all the more because they were together.

And thankfully never came to harm-y.

My apologies for the cheesy rhyme. The love for travel never left my mother. The last photograph was from the last trip they took together — in 2008 to Greece and Macedonia.

I began with ancient history (of my parents) and ended with ancient history (of the world) behind them. I love bookends.

The Discover Challenge prompt was Mixing Media, hence the photographs with text on them. I promise not to do that again.