Travel Plans


Dvije kave, molim
That means, two coffees please
But now I’m not so sure, my friend –
I think you’d rather tea

(Chorus) Jednu kavu, jedan čaj
Sipping drinks ‘neath Croat sky
Two months from now
My friend and I

Have I mentioned I’m excited
To travel ’round the world?
To open up my heart and mind?
New cultures be unfurled!

Will Turkish coffee taste
Like the Kona that I brew?
Will the mountains look like Rockies
When they come into view?

Will I love the beaches
On the Dalmatian Coast?
Will I love the people?
Will I love them most?

(Chorus) Jednu kavu, jedan čaj
Sipping drinks ‘neath Croat sky
Two months from now
How time will fly!

The swirl of my excitement
Leading up to when I’ll roam
Is great, but even better
Will be when I get back home.

(Chorus) Jednu kavu, jedan čaj
Sipping drinks ‘neath Croat sky
The days will pass too fast
Then we’ll have to say good-bye

Jednu kavu, jedan čaj
Sipping drinks ‘neath Croat sky

Preparing for a summer trip to Croatia and Bosnia with a friend.

I’m calling this my ballad for round two of A Kick in the Head, because I can hear it as a song. Not quite a ballad…. but a song.




I realized the stories were true
The apples this year were quite few
So I picked what I found
(Taking none off the ground)
And brought them to Nashville for you

I’m making my annual pilgrimage to Nashville.

Another year when I came, I brought apples to the family who so graciously hosts me.

This year, they mentioned how much they liked apples so I asked what varieties they like.

“Empire and Gala,” she said.

“Easy,” I thought.

Not so much.

The crazy weather this spring — a frost after the trees had blossomed — did in the apple crop. We walked up and down rows marked Gala and Empire without seeing a single apple.

img_0598Finally I found this lone Empire apple roughly the size of a plum. I felt almost guilty picking it. The last, the first, the only Empire apple in the orchard.

But I picked it.

And I picked a few other varieties: Blondies (that look and taste remarkably like Yellow Delicious), Cortlands, Macintosh. I think we even grabbed a few Jona-golds.

I hope it’s okay.

I have the single, singular Empire apple, too.

I hope it’s good.